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As companies stress on production and manufacturing with design improvements to stay ahead of the competition the role of BPO services has emerged as a key contributor in product upgradation and development, a good BPO Service provider apart from providing just customer service is also now a key contributor in product design and development, as more and more companies are relying on e-commerce and online sales as a major contributor to their overall sales, with the advent of the Covid-19 the process of selling products online has accelerated their growth, customer engagement thru call centers and helplines has played a important role in B2C communications, customers find it convenient to order desired products online where they can shop at the convenience and safe environments of their homes and products getting delivered at their doorsteps, but to keep up with the demands and ensure “customer satisfaction” a good, efficient and well run call center can provide great deal of data input for future products plus ensuring any product drawbacks of feedbacks, which can be worked upon based on the nature of queries, the advantage of the same is that all customer feedback data can be generated in one place and analytics can be performed based on nature of queries showing product trends and customer feedback.

Clubbed with a good IT platform and Apps development the results can be instant, as it gains customer confidence in knowing that the company is listening to their customers and all the time improving on their products, BPO services also provide a good platform for a company in increasing sales by giving customers trained and informed consultation to them based on individual needs as to which products suit their needs best, a good BPO service provider can also provide after-sales services by setting up a customer service helpline to listen to the customer’s needs and any technical support required for installing and using the products to its full potential.

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